Privacy policy and technical details

Rev. 12 June 2020

Purpose of the service

AnoniCloud is a service aiming to store user's document in the best confidential way, using zero-knowledge encryption, state of art encryption algorithm avoiding decryption of data also with quantum computers.

Service stage

AnoniCloud is actually in public beta stage. Before going on production stage, all security assessment on machines and protocol has to be performed by AnoniCloud team and / or its consultants.
User's are kindly invited to use the service, provide a feedback on their experience and don't store any sensitive data.

At this stage we decline any responsibility for sensitive data disclosure.

Service philosophy

AnoniCloud is a software conceived sittings on three technical pillars:

Considering the three points above, AnoniCloud team is not able to access any user's data.

Data storage location

All data are stored in Switzerland.

What data are stored

  1. User's encrypted document - See "Service philosophy" - Not accessible by AnoniCloud team;
  2. User's access data - Scrambled by SRP-6a - Not accessible by AnoniCloud team;
  3. Limiting to the public beta phase, all user's source IPs and server diagnostic are stored in clear and accessible by AnoniCloud team;
  4. User's feedback, support requests email are stored in clear and are used to provide requested support to user and improve our service; these data will be not sent outside AnoniCloud team.

Application log and telemetry

For product throubleshooting anonymous log data are collected inside each app belonging to AnoniCloud ecosystem; the sending of the log data to AnoniCloud is explicitely triggered by the user. Application log are sent to AnoniCloud via email.

Application log can contains device tecnical informations like operating system version running on device, device model and informations about the battery.

No realtime telemetry is performed on device by AnoniCloud.

Data Processed by Third Parties

No user's data are processed by third parties.

Data erasure

The user has the full right to erase partly or all his data; as "erasure" we intend the complete data removal without the technical possibility to recover them once deleted. On AnoniCloud app a "Document delete" function and a "Delete user's profile" are available to wipe out partly or all user's data from AnoniCloud server.

About our website

No tracking cookies are stored on user's browser starting from our website.

Website is split in two parts:

  1. Presentation, corporate informations;
  2. Blog.

Presentation and corporate informations don't store any cookie. Is a static tailor made website based on Bootstrap 4 and is built to avoid any informations loading from external CDN (Content Delivery Network). Anonymized IP address (last three digit hidden) is stored on our Open Web Analytics (OWA for short) database for statistical purposes. OWA runs on our webserver.

More informations on OWA: Open Web Analytics official website.

Blog run under WordPress with security and statistical plugins; anonymized (hashed) IP addresses are collected for statistical purposes. Language preferences cookie and session cookies are installed on user's browser; data stored on cookies are scrambled directly by WordPress engine.

Questions and feedback reference

Questions and feedback from users are welcome and can be addressed at:

Responsible body and direct contact for data protection topics:

Francesco Piraneo Giuliano
Pusgiort 20
6835 Breggia

Amendment of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to comply with changed legal requirements or to reflect new functionalities of the app. The current Privacy Policy is always available for consultation from within AnoniCloud website.